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[新闻] SFC模拟器Snes9x 1.55发布



发表于 2017-11-23 22:54:59 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


    Added support for the MSU-1 coprocessor. (qwertymodo)
    Added support for MSU-1 distribution pack. (qwertymodo)
    Added support for BS-X Satellaview memory packs and data files. (LuigiBlood)
    Improved BS-X memory mapping accuracy. (LuigiBlood)
    Fixed APU error causing issues with some games. (byuu, qwertymodo)
    Added option to ignore patch checksums. (qwertymodo)
    Fixed build warnings / undefined behavior. (bonimy)
    Correct pixel placement in hires. (BearOso, OV2)
    Fixed RAM mapping for Light Fantasy. (hex_usr, BearOso)
    Added Circuit USA APU timing hack. (BearOso)
    libretro: Merged some changes from downstream repository. (OV2)
    GTK+: Allow use of XDG config directory. (BearOso)
    GTK+: Add 10th save slot. (YamashitaRen)
    GTK+: Updated Spanish translation. (jristz)
    Win32: Switched to Studio 2017. (OV2)
    Win32: Fixed problems when minimized in d3d. (OV2)
    Win32: Split Patch/Rom directory. (OV2)
    Win32: Simplified compilation by removing or including some dependencies (included CG headers, completely removed FMOD and FMOD_EX, moved direct draw to compile switch) and reworking solution/configurations. (bonimy, OV2)
    Win32: Fixed crash with movie dialog (OV2)
    Win32: Changed hotplugging (OV2)


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