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[新闻] Atari ST模拟器Steem SSE 3.9.4发布



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Atari ST模拟器Steem SSE发布新版, 更新如下:

v3.9.4 Features

- Dongles: Jeanne d'Arc (French).
- A DirectDraw build of the Boiler is now available.
- Notice:
  Option 'Alt YM2149 emu' (MAME-like PSG emulation) moved to sound page.
  Option 'Machine/Wake-up' is now persistent (and the default is STE demo-friendly as requested).

v3.9.4 Emulation improvements

- CPU: STOP timing and behaviour (Audio Sculpture, thx ijor, npomarede and troed).

v3.9.4 Bugfixes / Refactoring

- Can recover from a BLIT ERROR and from 6301 crash in some cases.
- Video rendering of STE hscroll with normal borders (We Were "distorter").
- Sound: STE DMA sound in 16bit mono.
         Pro Sound Designer in 16bit (Wings of Death, Lethal XCess STF).
- CPU: RTE check new PC for crashes.
       BTST timing (Phaleon/Chaotic Motion Interferer).
- GLUE: Timer B in shift mode 0 or 1 on a monochrome display (Audio Sculpture).
        No left border and no-prefetch hscroll (Hard as Ice)
- FDC: Only type 1 commands can be changed while the drive is spinning up  (Froggies Over The Fence).
       Run commands even if current drive isn't connected (Audio Sculpture STF).
- WD1772: Negate motor line on reset (Audio Sculpture SCP - undoubtly the star program of this release if you see all the fixes it caused).
          Reload first rev at first opportunity (Turrican SCP 2 revs).
- MFP: Reading a timer when it just looped (Froggies Over The Fence back to menu after disk 2).
       Make MFP timer latency one cycle longer (Sadeness on STF WU1).
- 6301: Mouse movement in high resolution and when the ST is much accelerated.
        Option C1 compatible with non-English keyboards and key combinations.

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