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[新闻] [Voodoo 3dfx显卡模拟]dgVoodoo 2.55


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◦Special release of dgVoodoo with DebugLayer providing feedback information is now available
◾INFO, WARNING and ERROR type messages with severity levels, including breaking into debugger
◾API call tracing with detailed information
◦Migrating to INI format configuration files - also, adding rarely needed/used configuration options for advanced users and game hacking like
◾Dithering for both Glide and DirectX
◾Pixel multiplied output with arbitrary or automatic scale factor
◾Arbitrary extra DirectX resolutions
◦New scaling mode for centered appearance, scaling is done by the wrapper
◦New dynamic resolution modes (2x, 3x, ...) are added
◦Fixes for scaled output done by the wrapper ('Stretched, * AR' and 'Centered, AR' modes with larger than max of display-supported output images)
◦Fix for 'Best available one' output type when only WARP is available
◦Improved shader handling:
◾Resource cache for reuse of D3D8 compiled shaders
◾Dynamic shader compiling is moved to a background thread to avoid/minimize lags
Glide: for all compiled shaders
DirectX: for all compiled shaders that can be substituted by precompiled ones; also, unneeded shader variants could be unnecessary compiled, fixed
◦Control Panel App ◾Folder/location list handling code is rewritten
◾Appearance is now PerMonitorAwareV2 for DPI scaling
◾Cosmetics: missing logo bitmap when monitor scale is >150%, fixed

◾DllMain detection along with warning messages through the debug layer
◾Surface/texture lock incompatibilites fixed (Zombie Shooter, The Mystery of the Druids)
◾DirectDraw surface-create, cooperative level, PageLock error and other incompatibility fix (Zero Comico, RC de Go, A Bug's Life, Wartorn, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Micro Machines v3)
◾24 bit surface creation issue in DirectDraw is fixed (Blade Of Darkness lava)
◾Support for partial Z-buffer copy in DirectDraw (The Revenant)
◾Option for disabling the default and classic resolutions
◾Possibility of extra resolutions enumerable to applications is added
◾Bugs causing crash and black screen are fixed (Empires Dawn of The Modern World, Honour & Freedom)
◾Some effort for avoiding app deadlocks in DirectDraw and QuartzHookLayer
◾D3D FVF and other parameter validation incompatibility, fixed (Praetorians, Earthworm Jim 3D)
◾D3D state block incompatibility, fixed (Soldiers of Anarchy)
◾D3D non-W-friendly matrix in ComputeSphereVisibility calcs, fixed (Pac-Man Adventures in Time)
◾Old D3D-lighting incompatibility, fixed (when revising code and docs)
◾D3D lighting issue is fixed (flashing lights in Tomb Raider 4 and hopefully King Of The Roads)
◾Fixing range based fog hw calculations (The Chosen: Well of Souls)
◾ATI and GeForce profiles are modified to force W-pixelfog (compatibility with old drivers)
◾Minor D3D DDI bug fixed (Bear Hero)
◾Minor internal D3D state/lighting bugs fixed (Tonko4)
◾D3D device type 'Software MMX' is removed from Direct3D7 for better compatibility (3D Blitz)
◾Disabling 32 bit z-buffers for Direct3D3/5 (e.g. Shadows of The Empire)
◾D3D FPU state handling incompatibility fix (for general cases, and it fixed nVidia demos Creature, Toy Soldiers and Crystal Ball)
◾D3D colorkey bug fixed (Sponge Bob - Employee of The Month)
◾Minor D3D/D3D8 bugs, D3D11 leaks fixed (my own tests)
◾D3D/D3D8 ProcessVertices and general software vertex processing incompatibility, fixed (RIM - Battle Planets, Mafia with multipass rendering, Micro Commandos)
◾Issue of mixed type D3D8 stream sources is fixed (missing player characters in Final Fantasy XI)
◾D3D8 shader validator bug resulted in uncreated shaders, fixed (Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter)
◾Iimplementing D3D8 ValidateVertexShader and ValidatePixelShader for Microsoft Shader Assembler (Shadow of Destiny)
◾D3D8 cursor handling and viewport depth scaling bugs fixed (WildFire)
◾D3D8 GetFrontBuffer bug, fixed (Rome Total War) (movies only, ingame still has the old issues)
◾D3D8 device reset fix (S.W.I.N.E.)
◾Some D3D8 thing is fixed (The Gladiators Demo)
◾D3D8 some object handling incompatibility fix (TOCA Racing Drive)
◾Improvements for rendering with incompatible rendertarget/depthstencil buffers (TOCA Racing Drive)
◾Changed behavior of window activating and entering fullscreen mode to
◾Avoid OS issue appearing with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (e.g. Splinter Cell)
◾Avoid unwanted situations/crashes and improve compatibility (e.g. Hitman 2/3, RavenShield)

◾Clipping issues fixed (Gunmetal)
◾LfbWriteRegion bug, fixed (Blade of Darkness, background images)
◾Other fixes (broken multiadapter handling, manual screen mode changing)


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